• First stop we were still in Texas. We got as far as Amarillo. Big state.
  • Second day, we cut across the corner of New Mexico, where Don used to hunt, and made it to Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • We discovered several things in Colorado Springs. The Garden of the Gods and NORAD are there. We spent most of the next day there.
  • On to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Unfortunately, through Denver. Someone threw an egg at us while we were stuck in traffic. It damaged the paint on our car. Don't go through Denver at 5:00 PM. 
  • Cheyenne was getting ready for a 150-year anniversary. We washed the car to get the egg off and visited the railroad museum. I had forgotten that the air base at Cheyenne was a missile base.
  • We decided that Cody, Wyoming would be the next stop, if we could find a motel. Looking on line, we found the Big Bear Motel. It was a different place and we were enjoying it. Long Story.
  • We went into Yellowstone from Cody three times. Every time we turned a  corner there was a "Wow" response. Longer story.

  • We went to the Buffalo Bill Museum on our last day in Cody. It is a must see. One of the five sections is the largest collection of guns I have ever seen. 
  • We took a short side trip to see Devil's Tower on the road to Mount Rushmore.
  • And, looking at the road map, it seemed the best route was to go see Crazy Horse Monument and the Mount Rushmore.
  • Coming home, we crossed South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas, in one day. I finally got a picture of a snow fence.
  • 12. We stopped in Norman, OK for the last night on the road, and stopped at the casino for lunch on the way to Round Rock.

We traveled about 4000 miles on the trip. We slept for two days to recover when we got home. I recommend flying the second time. 

Our family has heard our wedding story many times during the last 50 years. I suspect that our trip adventure will also retold many times. it really was a grand adventure!



We decided to take a trip.