A lot of things happened this Fall. We were a very busy group.

  • Cameron enrolled at Texas A & M and moved to the dorm in August.
  • Don celebrated his birthday in August, too.
  • Joli went the Atlanta to participate in the Band of America Regional. Cedar Ridge placed 2nd in the competition.
  • The extended family went to the Wurstfest in New Braunsfels. Food and beer for all!
  • Cedar Ridge band also participated in the San Antonio Super Regional BOA event. CR placed 11th in finals. Joli was worn out! They had a very good show this year.
  • Everyone came to our house for Halloween. Costumes were great. It was wet and cold.
  • Landon's birthday was the day before Thanksgiving. We had tres leches cake on Sunday.
  • Don and Landon smoked a turkey for our Thanksgiving meal. Everyone came for dinner. The turkey was great.
  • Sixteen of us went to the Texas Renaissance Festival Celtic Christmas weekend. The guys and Joli wore kilts. The rest of us wore other costumes. We drove by Cameron's room at A&M.
  • At the festival, we had Scottish Eggs, Turkey legs, chicken on a stick, fried mushrooms and mead. Great fun.
  • It was strange. The kids are all growing up. The challenge was not keeping track of the kids, it was keeping track of the group of adults.
  • On our way out, I was christened by a flower. While I was sitting under a tree waiting for everyone to have their pictures made, a blue trumpet flower decided to dump all the water in its bowl on my head and then it fell in my lap. It was cold water!
  • The ride home was beautiful. The moon looked like an orange slice on the horizon.
  • It took two days for all of us to recuperate.

This fall was full of family activities and adventures.

We have all been pretty healthy and very tired. Thanksgiving weekend began with Landon't birthday, followed by: Thanksgiving dinner and Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission. We are still recooperating!

The slides are in relatively correct order.

The picture in the heading above is part of the roof frame of one of the chapels at TRF. They have added several new chapels since our last trip to the faire. Apparently, the site is a popular venue for weddings. Understandably.

The sliver of the moon is in the frame of the roof. Can you find it?